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An Easy Systematic Guide to Launching Your New Website

Once you are done creating your new website, you need to launch it carefully because the number of ways you can screw up are staggering. Before the launch, you first need to understand your audience because you are creating content for them as your potential customers. This will be your guide in designing and implementing your website. You also need to put focus on the social media platforms your audience is more involved in so you can easily reach them. You also need to consider how people will reach you in order to streamline communication. You can use a telephone number, newsletter signup, a form or an email address.

How to launch a website.

How to Launch Your Website

  1.  Announce It

You have probably built an email list and this is one of the best times to use it. You could also use a social media release. Try not to launch your website close to a weekend because it is usually a delicate time. Everyone involved with the launch needs to be available and easily accessible. Unforeseen things could happen and fixing problems might not be easy and you could have to wait until the next week. Tuesday would be great because you will have plenty of time within the week to fix any issues.

2. Simple Does It

No matter how much you want to, you cannot make a website absolutely perfect but then again, there is always room for improvement. As a matter of fact, a website should be improved regularly and have the software updated with new releases and patches. Prioritize more on what you need, things that have been thoroughly tested and those of high quality with clear goals. Don’t go for those things that are nice to have even though are not fully vetted and might distract the purpose of your message.

3. Have a Code Freeze Date

This is when you will stop touching the website completely. There will be no more tweaks, no more fixes, no additional features and no more bugs to be identified. This way, you will be sorely focused on the website launch and not the website. You will also be able to evaluate your success.

Read more about code freeze.

4. Do a Soft Launch If Possible

Testing is very important for a new website to succeed and soft launching allows you to test it in the real world, even though on a smaller scale. This means you will have to launch the website without any formal declaration.

5. Coordinate With Your Web Developer

A websites needs a server in order to live and in order for you to launch your website successfully without the risk of a crash due to heavy traffic, you need to coordinate with the server providers. Keep them informed about your goals and they will help you succeed. Better yet, inquire from your web hosting company how much bandwidth you need to handle your targeted audience to ensure the site doesn’t crash.


After The Website Launch

  • Make sure you check in often enough in order to measure your success
  • Keep your website fresh at all times
  • Reach out to your audience and be flexible



Be patient and relax, if you have worked hard on the website and you have ready content for the audience, stay positive and things will turn out fine. Sometimes a few problems arise but pressure will not help, just relax. If you follow these tips on how to launch a website, don’t worry, positive reinforcement goes a long way.

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