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Successful Website Launch; What Next?

After a successful website launch, there’s still a whole lot of activities that you should now focus on. To most businesses, once they have launched their websites, they now get into some comfort zone thinking everything will now work smoothly without further input. This is very wrong because after launching your website, you now need to now focus on managing the website. Furthermore, there are several actions – short-term and long-term – that you need to undertake for website efficiency.

3 Important activities To focus on After launching Your website.

(i) Content Strategy

The most important aspect after launching your website is developing a content strategy. Content strategy is all about what kind of content will your website have. Most websites fail because they don’t have an actionable content strategy. Content is very important to any website’s success as it directly affects your traffic.

It is important that you have an elaborate content strategy where you plan the kind of content you will have. Make sure that your content is in line with your business and most importantly, relevant to your customers. Another important factor here is planning on the intervals in which you will be updating content. For a successful content strategy, you need always have new content. With fresh content, your visitors will be on your website for longer times and the bounce rate will be impressive. Lastly, keep in mind that your web is a marketing and sales tool. Ideally, you should have a blog that drives traffic to the site, and sales pages that drive the traffic to contact you or buy your product.


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(ii) Marketing

After launching your website, it’s high time you plan on how you are going to promote it and ensure that there is adequate awareness about its existence. Website promotion is intensive and very important in the success of your website and most importantly, your business. There are very many ways through which you can effectively promote your website.

First, you need to fully exploit the potential of your social media pages. Make sure your website’s link is on the social media pages. Also, you can create posts about the launch of your website and share them with your networks. Second, you need to invest in SEO and SEM. This technique is very important as it will help boost your visibility on search engines. Over 50% of average website’s traffic comes from search engines. With effective SEO and SEM, your site will start getting traffic. You can also promote your website through display advertising, email marketing, referrals, video ads, remarketing/retargeting and so on.

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(iii) Measure Effectiveness

Once your website is running, you need to make sure that you measure its effectiveness and performance. This is very important as it helps businesses see the website’s ROI. It also helps in determining the website’s strengths and weaknesses and advises on what to improve on if any.

With this in mind, it is necessary to install tracking tools which will help you understand the numbers. This is called web analytics. With such tools, you can measure the of visitors, new visitors, conversions, page views, bounce rate, demographics and other metrics. These metrics will help you shape your marketing strategy accordingly.

Some of the major web analytics tools you can employ include; Google analytics, Spring Metrics, Clicky, Kissmetrics and so on.

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Even though there may be other necessary activities to undertake after launching your website, these 3 are the most vital. In as much as they may sound unnecessary, it is important for any business to invest in them. A good way to do this is to hire a web content manager or a digital marketing specialist who will help you get the most out of your website. You may as well hire the services of a website marketing agency to look after all your web content management activities.

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