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What’s Website To a Business?

Not technically, I mean what is its value to your business? Why do you want a nice website? Why is it important?

A website is your client’s or potential client’s first impression of your business.

It’s the same reason you have a nice office, nice signage and nice desks. Because you want clients to know how successful you are, how competent you are. Bottom line, you want clients to be impressed with you and trust you.

Let me put it this way. When you are looking to do business with someone and you walk in their office and there are papers everywhere, coffee stains on the walls, dirt on the floor, how does that make you feel?

For clients that is what a business website is. It’s a first impression.

It’s an opportunity for them to see what type of ship you are running. You don’t want to be too flashy and come off as a used car salesman but you want people to know you are successful and competent, a messy and dirty office doesn’t convey that feeling does it? And neither does an outdated or dysfunctional website.

At Legibra, we help businesses create the right impression

If you are a business that needs clients, then making your first impression count is the most important thing you can do and that is what a website is, it’s the first impression a client has of you.

Now, do you need more clients?

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