Legibra Discusses lack of marketing data in Kenya

Report on 1st Meeting: The lack of Marketing Data in Kenya

On our last meetup with digital marketers and data analysts at Legibra, we discussed how the lack of marketing data in Kenya leads to wastage of resourcespoor marketing strategies and inaccurate targeting because most marketers do not want to share data with competitors or do not see the importance.

We have shared this conversation on FacebookYoutube and will continue to share the content on all our platforms in the best context. Digital influencers like Rama OluochSusan Mukami( founder at Kenyancollective.com), Brian Nyagol (Founder at VibeCampo) and Nendo’s Mark Kaigwa joined the conversation to express their opinions. We also had the pleasure of hosting ardent online marketers like Kelvin Mugendi and Alex Theuri who found the discussion quite informative.

Mark Kaigwa at Legibra

Mark Kaigwa at Legibra

Most importantly, this discussion garnered support not only from Legibra- a company deeply invested in making Kenya’s online economy thrive but also from experienced experts like Liesbeth Bakker– CEO at The Entrepreneurship Hub East Africa, significantly increasing the probability of our project’s success given that Liesbeth has helped giant companies like Orange Business Services in an exercise with British Telecom, AT&T and other world players in their data sharing initiatives.

Would You Attend A 2nd Meeting on How to Share Digital Marketing Data?

As we discussed the current market situation, we saw that by holding more conversions on how to share marketing data in Kenya, we can help educate those who are unaware of the benefits of consolidating data with the hope that they will be more susceptible to sharing their own data.

Therefore, we think organizing another meetup to discuss how to share data by understanding the tools marketers are using and the metrics being measured is the next best step:

The questions to be discussed in the meeting can include:

Q1. If we were to share marketing data in Kenya, what data would you like to see being part of the information set?

Q2. What are the top 3 most important metrics that we should include in our exercise?

Q3. Do you have an idea for a good data visualisation tool we can use?

Rama Oluoch and Susan Mukami at Legibra

Rama Oluoch and Susan Mukami at Legibra

We think this meeting will help digital marketers in Kenya create resources that can help achieve marketing data openness leading to:

  •  Deeper insight from existing data
  • Better customer experiences
  • A more holistic view of customers across channels in Kenya
  • Online marketers can use the data to inform online media strategies

Let’s face it, with the advent of the internet, marketing teams are now more responsible than ever for driving revenue.

To succeed in this new marketing reality, we must identify opportunities to increase efficiency and eliminate duplicative efforts. To do this, sharing of marketing data and marketing technologies is key.

Will you join the conversation?

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