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Drupal may have come earlier and Joomla may be better for social networking, but WordPress is still pressing on and it is not by chance that it is dominating the scene.


It’s the world worst kept secret: WordPress has been favored by the most popular websites, rendering suspect the notion that only the less technically advanced developers use it.

News websites, considered the most visited, can mention CNN, BBC America, MTV News, Microsoft News Center, Time, Facebook Newsroom, Reuters, The New Yorker and ‘the failing’ New York Times as their high-profile representatives on WordPress. Techies, a people who spend all their life online, can visit TechCrunch, Legibra and other big-time tech websites and blogs; with horror-show website The Walking Dead acting as foil should coffee fail to keep them awake while coding. They can also see how well the industry is doing by looking up Forbes.

Plenty of entertainment can be found on WordPress as well given that it houses Sony Music, PlayStation, Star Wars Blog and Walt Disney just to mention a few; while the no-nonsense type find comfort in Bloomberg Professional, The Wall Street Journal Law and Harvard Gazette Online.

Celebrity couple Beyoncé and Jay Z have WordPress also in common, with hotshot Justin Bieber, vocal Snoop Dogg (or is it Lion?), Katy Perry and old-timers Rolling Stones toping a list headlined by the flamboyant Kim Kardashian. 11 time World Champion Usain Bolt, who can complete the better part of a 100 meters race (9.58 seconds) before his website is done loading (7.6 seconds) is also here.

Whole countries like Sweden and Finland did not see a problem with WordPress, and the Mercedes Benz website is driven on WordPress.

Obama Foundation is the latest high profile website here, with a comprehensive list available on WordPress’ amazing showcase that features the more notable in a pool of over 140 million downloads. In comparison, Joomla! has been downloaded by more than 63 million users, with Drupal falling just shy of the 20 million mark.


So, why does WordPress boast of all these riches?



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Advantages of WordPress


  1. Easy to Install – This is by far the biggest advantage WordPress has. Web hosting companies have been categorical in their support of WordPress; dramatically reducing the time we take between registration of a domain and completion of a website development project.


  1. Cost – WordPress and most of its plugins and themes are absolutely free to install and use. Even though this characteristic is shared by the big 3, the ease of constructing a website from scratch is negligible with WordPress as compared to the rest. Hopefuls get turned on by this as they seek to minimize costs of starting a website or blog.


“That’s a great question. If you ask me, it would have to be WordPress, hands down, no contest. With most hosting providers providing one-click installs of the database and main WordPress files, all you have to do is log in, pick a theme, and fill out information. Some themes are more advanced, like the ones you will find on Theme Forest, but for beginners, WordPress really isn’t that difficult to set up.”

– James George from Creative Beacon



  1. Customizable – Unlike Joomla!, WordPress has significantly more plug-ins, themes and other customizations in addition to third-party tools. Hence there is so much that is customizable. This cannot be said of Joomla!, for example, since importing articles and migrating from one version to another is easier said than done.


  1. Community Support – WordPress’ vocal community of millions of experts make seeking help very easy and fast, with several experts dedicated to answering all queries.



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