Legibra Partners with Google to Offer The Best Cloud Storage via G Suite

Legibra is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Google to provide our clients the best  cloud storage in Kenya through G Suite.

To become a G Suite reseller, Legibra has sold and deployed over  100 G Suite accounts for  multiple businesses, a demonstration of our skill and knowledge in helping clients deploy, configure, and migrate to G Suite.  With this partnership, Legibra can access a robust set of resources to adequately support our customers and empower them to connect with each other regardless of their location.Read More: We Are In Love With Our Clients.

This achievement is part of our company values; to continue to offer the best in cloud storage, website design, and domain registration to our clients and be a resource to the communities in which we live and serve.


Legibra Staff G Suit

Thank you to our staff for leading this effort, specifically Felix Mbugua, Kagai Macharia, Sam Wanjau, Felix Ochieng, Emily Moraa, and Nickson Kiplangat, who have dedicated many hours to help businesses understand the benefits of G Suite and the value we offer in terms of deployment, configuration and support.

But What is G Suite Anyway?


G Suite is simply a collection of cloud based services that help businesses collaborate irrespective of their location. For example, the marketing and sales team need to work together to grow revenue for a business, however, more often than not, the marketers may not know what the sales people are up to because they do not have access to their reports, the opposite is also true. But with G Suite, the marketers and sales people can collaborate on their projects for improved performances.

G Suite Features

G Suite

Not only will they have customized email addresses i.e [email protected] & [email protected], but they will also get:

  • A calendar where they can invite and remind each other of meetings
  • Secure cloud storage for their documents to ensure everyone can access important documents on the go
  • The ability to create and share documents for feedback within the team via Google Docs
  • Create presentations complete with videos and share them with the team via Google Slides
  • Use google forms to carry out surveys among colleagues and even clients
  • Use Google sheets to manage data faster and get comments from the team
  • Use Google hangouts to message, call or have video calls with 25 people at a time

Perhaps the best part about G Suite is that you don’t need additional software of hardware to set it up. What’s more, Google guarantees 99.9% up time and their default spam filter is considered the best in the industry.

G Suite Security Features

  • Provides custom outbound mail filtering tools to prevent sensitive information from landing in the wrong hands
  • Provides custom information sharing tools to control how broadly team members share Google docs, sheets and slides
  • G Suite helps your team choose strong passwords using strength visual indicators
  • Ensures all connections are secure via SSL encryption to prevent hacking

Clearly, G Suite provides all the tools a business needs in a day to day operation, the trick is harnessing the G Suit advantages in the simplest and fastest way possible. That’s where Legibra comes in.



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