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5 Simple Ways to Market New Website to Clients and Prospects


The truth is, after the launch of the website is when the real work begins.

How do you ensure your customers know you have invested in a new website to improve their experience? How do you tell your prospects that they can now enjoy all your in-store services online?

5 Simple Ways to Market New Website to Clients and Prospects


  1. Word of Mouth

It sounds basic enough, but yes, you can market your website effectively just by telling your clients about the website over the phone. Make sure to mention the beneficial features and how they can use it. Also, get to emailing all your prospects in your mailbox. Explain your new website features, offerings and anything else they would find helpful. Remember to also urge them to share the good news to colleagues and friends.


  1. Optimize Your Website

A large chunk of your website’s traffic will come from search engines. For example, if you sell cars, when a prospect searches for ‘car dealer kenya’, your website should show up on the search results pages . Enhancing your website’s optimization makes sure you are prominently featured in search engines and that your content features prominently in search engines.

For optimum results too, you need to make SEO a routine. Doing it once a quarter will not cut it and instead, continually develop content and titles that build towards the sites optimization to search engines.


  1. Invest in Social Media

Understand which social media platforms are beneficial to you website and actively promote your website there. The interactions and sharing on social media makes such platforms a powerful tool for newbies to promote their sites at very little costs or none at all. Due to the large volumes of information passed in these websites, however, you need strategies that ensure you grab the attention of your audience. Thus;

  • Have separate profiles for your business/website and personal life.
  • Understand what social media platforms will work best for you. Should you put more effort on tinder, or is your audience more into Facebook or LinkedIn?
  • Participate in social media communities that share your scope of interests. Follow the profiles of individuals that share the same interests as you target followers and real iterators.


  1. Generate Backlinks

When you post an article or comment on other websites with a link back to your site, you are creating backlinks. Backlinks help Google and other search engines judge the authority of your website. For a new website, you need authoritative sites linking back to you. For example, if you are a tech company, you might want your article on Ihub’s website. However, as you use other blogs to promote your website, remember to leave lots of meaningful comments.

  1. Organize a Competition, Raffle or Giveaway

We all love free things. Additionally, we are inherently competitive. Keeping these two known truths in mind helps explain why simple competitions and raffles so effective  at marketing a new website. You need not have high-value gifts too as simple gifts such as e-books, gift cards, and trial subscriptions will be just as effective. However, keep the reward connected to your products or services such that you draw in prospects,  Plus, direct the participants to sign up with their name and email for the competition so you end up with a list of emails and names that you can use to start an email marketing project, drawing even more people to the new website.


Wrap Up

Marketing your website need not be a complex, over-taxing affair. With the above actionable points, you can kick start your website marketing campaign without much fuss and start enjoying higher traffic numbers to your web pages. All the best!

Do you need help marketing a new website? Talk to us 🙂 We’d love to help.

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