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What It Takes To Get A Simple Website in Kenya

Legibra is a company that offers web-based solutions, so it only makes sense that most of our communication and transactions happen online. For example, instead of clients walking in to our offices to ask for the cost of developing and designing a simple website, we usually get these inquiries through email. One of the most common inquiries we receive is ‘how much is a simple website?’. Consequently, after reading this article you should understand;

  • What is a simple website?
  • What are the requirements for a simple website?
  • How much does a simple website cost?


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So What is a Simple Website?

A simple website usually consists of at least five pages and is focused on explaining to your audience the what, where, why, how and who of your business. Such a website does not have eCommerce features but is responsive on all devices. The typical pages included in a simple website are;

  1. About Us page – This page reaches out to visitors with information about you and what you do. An About Us page will explain to your leads about;
    i. Who you are and how long you have been in business
    ii. A summary of your products and/or services
    iii. Why you are the best provider of (ii) above.
    iv. Your office hours.
    Example of an about us page: About Us
  2.  Services and/or Products page – This page provides an index of your various products and/or services that you offer. It requires a general short write up of each of your products and clear call to action buttons.
    Example: Our Services
  3. Contact Us page– This is the page where your website visitors will go if they want to contact you. The content for this page may include phone numbers, emails, social media links etc. Example: Contact Us
  4. Blog – This is where updates, opinions, news and articles are uploaded for your visitors to consume. Ideally, this is the page that will pull visitors to your site depending on how optimized your blogs are and how relevant the topics are to your target audience. Example: Blog  

What Are The Requirements for Designing and Developing a Simple Website?

Before we start designing and developing your simple website we will need the following information from you;

1. Name of your company and current or desired web addresses (domain)

2.  A brief description of your company or your company profile

3. What are your goals? What are you planning to achieve with the simple website?

4. What’s your budget?

5. Which simple websites do you admire?

6. Do you have ready content for the web pages?

Using this data, we will be able to create a proposal and a quote. But what determines the quote?

How Much Does A simple Website Cost?

The cost of a simple website will always be dependent on the features that you need for your website. For example, a simple website that is integrated with a chatbot will be more expensive compared to a simple website with no chatbot. Also, a simple website that uses iStock photos will be cheaper compared to a simple website that uses custom designs, animations or requires a professional photographer. Another important factor that determines the cost of a website is the availability of content, do you have content for your About Us page and the blog? If not, we can create the content for you.

How Long Does it Take to Design and Develop a Simple Website?

After selection of the desired website design, settlement of terms and provision of content; we take an average of  10 working days to finish a simple website project.

Examples of Simple Websites Designed and Developed by Legibra

Are you planning to invest on a simple website for your business? Let us take of your website needs while you handle your business.

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